Los Angeles artist Javier Granados designs and creates beautiful and unique silk scarves and wearable art. All the scarves are hand painted in the ancient batik method.

Each silk scarf is individually hand drawn, waxed, hand painted with brilliant permanent pigments, wax removed and after this long process, the silk scarf edges are hand rolled and sewn by hand.

Our customer is the individual who appreciates wearing one-of-a-kind, original, and artistic creations. Dreamluxe silk scarves are unisex. These fashionable silk scarves and wearable art can also be creatively worn as a skirt, sarong, bandana and can also be transformed into striking decorative wall hangings.

The Dreamluxe collection is inspired by world travel, art, nature, Latin, Asian, Buddha and ancient cultures such as Maya and Aztec civilizations.

Dreamluxe silk scarves are unique works of art. Since no two are alike you'll love to wear these exquisite silk scarves to accessorize a formal or casual outfit to a concert or the beach.